Welcome to Bhutanese Society of Kentucky (BSK)

Bhutanese society of Kentucky (acronymed BSK) is a community based non-profit organization formed in 2009. Resettlement in Louisville began in 2008, few families arriving as early as June.
When more families arrived in 2009, it was felt the need to have a community organization that can advocate on behalf of the people with language barrier, and to ensure the preservation of collective values and cultural heritages of Bhutanese people in general. The idea behind forming the community organization grew over time and there were strong suggestions from the resettlement agencies to have a community organization soon.
The first welcome program organized by the community in Louisville in April/May  2009 produced a wave of encouragement to initiate the process of incorporation. By August 2009, Bhutanese Society of Kentucky was registered with the state.


From the President’s Desk

“Expect the unexpected situation”. Unexpected situation occurred in the peaceful land of Dragon Bhutan in the 1980’s. As a result of questions raised about freedom and human rights with the Bhutanese Government, hundreds of innocent Bhutanese were forcefully evicted at gunpoint from the country. The narration of the story may be different from the government’s perspective, but we suffered and we know the reality, the real truth behind the situation.
We survived many difficulties for more than two decades in refugee camps in Nepal with the expectation of repatriation to the motherland. After multiple attempts in different ways, no sign of repatriation was seen so we opted for third country resettlement. As a result we, a small group of Bhutanese, started resettling in Louisville, Kentucky, USA from 2008.  As of today , about 1000 Bhutanese families have been resettled, and  approximately 150 families have moved here as as secondary migrants from other states.
BSK was established in 2009 with the objective to conserve  Bhutanese-Nepali culture, integrate with native culture and to unite Bhutanese for mutual benefit of making them feel at home in this country, inspite of cultural differences and language barriers.


Leadership Development Training

Leadership development training organized by Bhutanese Society of Kentucky on March 25, 2017 was well attended by Bhutanese community leaders. 21 participants signed up for the training and sacrificed the beautiful Saturday weekend for the urge of making good leadership.
Board members and executive staff of Bhutanese Society of Kentucky and Bhutanese Hindu Society attended the training facilitated by Center for Nonprofit Excellence. Each participant paid $ 10 towards the training fees.
The training covered all aspects of leadership development for small organizations-roles and responsibilities of board members, development of staff, oversight by the board, strategic planning and setting up mission, vision and values for the organization.
Bryan Warren of Office of Globalization at Mayor’s office spoke about the importance of having immigrants and refugees for the city of Louisville for the contribution they make creating businesses and employment, adding revenue to the government. He also gave a fact-based projection of Louisville’s immigrant population growth. So leadership development for the newer communities is vital for community sustainability.
Jim Guinn of Center for Torture Recovery center also spoke about the programs that the center has offered for the victims of torture in their home countries or in the refugee camps.
Another speaker Allyson Ferry of Kentucky office of refugees talked about her job of empowering communities by extending services on interpretation, health care and other issues currently faced by refugee population.
Bhim Koirala, volunteer program director of  BSK made closing notes.

Mental Health First Aid Training in the Bhutanese community Louisville, Kentucky: Result of a training

Report prepared by: Bhim Koirala, Bhutanese Society of Kentucky
Target participants: Refugees and former Bhutanese Refugees.
Training Date: 11/19/2016
Background: Isolation, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression and other mental health issues are common major concerns in the Bhutanese community. Mental illness is known as a stigmatizing condition in which a person is considered “crazy”. Unhappy feelings or stress/anxiety or difficult emotions for most people may be the symptoms of mental illness. These feelings are part of the normal ups and downs of life, but they can contribute towards worsening other serious mental symptoms. Risk factors of mental illness in the Bhutanese Community are numerous, learning the skill to identify, understand and respond to sign of mental illness and substance use disorders can benefit all around including the self .The training was designed to the community to explore initial help and support to identify the early signs of mental illness.
 Methodology: With the support of the Office of Refugee Resettlement(ORR) and state refugee health program, Bhutanese society of Kentucky in collaboration with University of Louisville , global health program organized a mental health first aid training in Louisville.  Certified bilingual mental health first aid trainers conducted the training for eight hours. Four weeks prior to the training, fliers were prepared and posted on BSK  website, social media, and other platforms. Participants were drawn via a pre-registration process, and 27 participants successfully completed the training and got certified from the Mental Health First Aid, USA (The National Council for Behavioral Health). (more…)

Appeal to Sports Enthusiast

Dear Sports Enthusiast,
Bhutanese Society Of Kentucky (BSK) would like to thank you again for participating in the previous year inter-neighborhood  soccer tournaments. Many of you provided our planning committee with detailed feedback about your teams’ experience. We appreciate that time you took to provide feedback and what we can do to improve for future tournaments. Be assured that our organizing committee has reviewed the reflection upon all your comments, and we have made changes to take the 2016 tournament to the next level.
This years’ tournament will be co-organized by BSK and Louisville Rising FC. The tournament will be held on October 1st and 2nd, 2016. Few other spots items are added this year and children and adult will have an opportunity to participate. The registration is now open and you can access the registration form and detail about the tournament on our website at www.bskcommunity.org
To continue to provide a high quality and competitive tournament it is important to apply early, the closing date for all registration is September 24, 2016. While this is a soccer tournament you will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn about voting as well. BSK volunteer staffs will be helping new citizens to register to vote. They will help to raise awareness and educate new citizens, sharing voters education guides, flyers and Pamphlets. (more…)

New Board for BSK

After much delay in constituting board of directors governing BSK, names of officials and board members are declared as follows:
  • President: Jiwan Bista
  • Secretary: Vinod Poudel
  • Treasurer: Chida Adhikari
  • Board members: Hasta Rai, Man B Limbu, Krishna Dhakal, Agni Kharel, Mahendra Nepal and Mitra subedi
 Current Chair Mr.Buddha M Dhakal has stepped down after serving in various positions of BSK since 2009.


On May 7th, 2015 (Thursday), Bhutanese Society of Kentucky hosted ACT Information night for High School Bhutanese Students and their parents. Mr. Nirmal Guragai conducted the program. Krishna Dhakal did the presentation on the significance of ACT to students and parents. Mr. Bhim Koirala presented slides on Health and cultural issues in our society. Mr. Vinod Sharma Poudel gave speech on the differences between education system in schools in Nepal and the USA. Mr. Chandra Dahal helped with the technical arrangements. Finally, Mr. Jiwan Bista, the president of BSK, wrapped up the event with summation of the whole program.  
The event was held at 2403 Hikes Lane Baptist Church between 6.00 and 8.00 pm. A total of 20 students along with their parents attended the event. The following points were finalized in the meeting:
1. Every Thursday, all active BSK board members will help to instruct interested students to prepare for ACT.
2. All interested students have to be present at 6.00 pm and the classes will run till 8.00 pm.


Thank You Note for Resolution and Sympathy

There are no words that seem adequate enough to say thank you to every one who expressed their sympathy during the loss of our beloved Suk Rai, Chita Chuwan, and Nagin Thapa. They will live on forever in our hearts.
We were deeply touched by the funeral message delivered by the Governor of Kentucky for Late Suk, Chita, and Nagin. They were loving boys and they will be sorely missed by family, friends, and Community. The greatest comfort during our sorrow was the expression of sympathy covered to the family and community as well in many ways.
Thank you for honoring them and capturing their spirit with such heartfelt words. We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and thank you most sincerely.

Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims in Nepal

 Updates on Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims In Nepal
There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. Bhutanese Society of Kentucky is continually inspired by the the dedication and generosity of donors like you. With your faithful financial contributions, you have  demonstrated your deep commitment in terms of social mobilization. Your financial support of the earthquake victims in Nepal will make a great difference in the lives of thousands of injured in Nepal. There is no doubt that the need is huge. However, the support of donors like you is helping us to make it possible for  affected people from earthquake to rescue from emergency situation and that is humanity.Thank you again for your compassionate support. We hope that you will continue to show commitment to support for any cause of human tragedy. 
Thank You Mr. Bhim Koirala (Group 1 Team Leader), Mr Krishna Dhakal (Group 2 Team leader), and all board members involved on this campaign. This shows that BSK is indeed proceeding and progressing with unity and team work.
Our delegation team handed over the amount collected for earthquake victims to American Red Cross and made appeal to support to Sindhupalchowk district, one of the most affected area as soon as possible they can.


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